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Repairing Radiance Facial - 1 hour


This healing and repairing facial treatment begins with a luxurious double cleanse with a gentle cleansing balm designed to gently clean the skin from dirt and debris while keeping the skins delicate lipid barrier intact.

Next a gentle facial mist to hydrate and soothe inflamed skin. The skin is then treated with 20 minutes of LED phototherapy. The yellow light has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces visible redness with rosacea and other skin conditions. It improves elasticity of skin by increasing collagen in the damaged areas and helps to remove toxins by stimulating lymphatic drainage. It will assist in strengthening the muscles under the epidermis, bringing tightness back to skin. It gives luminosity to the skin and increases vitality and a healthy glow.

Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage while lying under the warm LED light for deep relaxation. Next a hydrating facial mask is applied and a divine neck, shoulder and face massage will help ease any muscle stiffness and help you to drift into a deep state of bliss. Lastly a repairing facial oil and moisturiser is applied to leave your skin calm and happy. Your facial experience ends with a warm cup of herbal tea and tailored skin care plan.

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