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An Introduction to Weight Loss


Sick of feeling heavy, uncomfortable and constantly tired? Tried every fad diet you can get your hands on but end up heavier than you started? You’re not alone! Take my one-on-one 30 minute workshop and get the tools you need to start your health journey. For only $49 you will get:

A weight loss journal – to help you focus your weight loss goals, develop strategies to overcome challenges and identify weight loss approaches that work for you!

A full body composition analysis – a high tech scale which measures your body weight, fat %, muscle mass, hydration status, visceral fat, bone mass and physique rating. You will get a copy of the results to take home with you.

Meal plan and recipes – A meal plan to help guide you through the first few weeks and a stack of delicious wholesome recipes to inspire and excite.

Weight loss tips and expert advice to help guide you through the sea of dangerous fad diets and direct you towards the best and latest evidence based nutrition advice.

So start your wellness journey now and book today!  Email [email protected] to secure your spot!

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