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Plant Based Essentials - Deluxe


Thinking of transitioning to a plant based diet? Or want to know how to maximise your nutritional intake following a vegan or vegetarian diet? Want to find out the latest research and evidence in plant based nutrition. Need help separating the facts from the myths? Then look no further!

This custom designed Plant Based Essentials Deluxe Package will help give you the tools you need to flourish and excell on a plant based diet.

This pakage includes 4x 1hour Nutrition consultations to help empower and guide you on your plant based journey.

Covering all the important nutrients such as iron, B12, calcium, protein and more you will soon be well equiped to plan nutritionally dense and delicious meals for you and your family.

You will also be given a comprehensive dietary analysis report to assit in assessing your individual needs and requirments via the Nutrition softwear program FoodZone.

You aslo get a bonus high quality vegan B12 supplement and Udo's Choice DHA 3.6.9 oil included as part of this Plant Based Essential Deluxe Package!

So what are you waiting for? Book in today!

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